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Sales of the largest advertising space from all the consultants for the ad to edit fair INTERFLAT 2000 ,INTERFLAT 2001 oraz INTERBUD 2001, INTERBUD 2002 .

Ogólnopolski Serwis Internetowy GO3.PL

The biggest selling online products from all nationwide consultants  ( about 100 consultants )

Polskie Książki Telefoniczne    

Diploma of the Director-General for an ambitious outcome  of the struggle and implementation of 165% target.

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Thank you very much, that you would spend your precious time and visit my website. The information contained on website will allow you to zoom my profile. Persons engaged in ecruiting argue that applications, candidates are often written with a single design and  are almost always colored. Recruiters wring their hands and say that  they read the same formula. Looking for work often assumes that applications sent by him, no one reads. And even if - whether it will be invited for an interview. During the command economy, distribution the CV was a formality. The work was called the right and duty of every citizen. Other former employers needs and expectations. Othervise it approached the problem of candidates themselves.Today, the iron rule of economics is forcing certain behaviors. Companies need to have those people who  "march" will be able to ensure the implementation of their task. The better and development company that needs them more.  Grab these people is not an easy thing. Today, looking for a job, we must come to terms with the need to participate in a real race with an obstacle course.In an interview to behave and look in a specyfic way, and before that general it was - an employer interested in your CV and covering letter. 

That is why I allowed myself to invite you to my website, would be interested in my person and present how can I contribute to the development of your business.

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